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People love because we only list genuine verified service providers.

We don’t do fakes like most sites do. Guys really hate going out looking forward to an amazing experience only to realise they’ve been conned.

And for you, it’s great because you won’t get hassled by guys constantly asking for proof that you’re real.

The other benefit is that you’re not competing with hundreds of other girls!

We have maximum limits on how many girls we list for each city. That limit is between 5 and 25 girls, depending on the size of the city.

We want to provide guys with the best selection of girls they can enjoy without the BS, and we want to provide girls with quality clients without the dramas.

You’re lucky to enjoy our free listing period for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks you can renew at $97 a week or you can leave it and move on. 

If you leave it, however, your spot will go to the next girl on the waitlist and you’ll lose your guaranteed listing spot.

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